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We believe such imagery causes downwind damage to all women. Where's PeTA's concern for the ethical treatment of women? The impact of street theater, though, pales compared to the power of mass mediated messages disseminated to millions of viewers. We are opposed to this sophisticated form of propaganda "educating" women how to look and be based on values dictated by patriarchal standards. Both depict nude women atop animal skins with negligible difference in their demeanor or expressions.

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In sum, this is a classic case of championing the rights of one group nonhuman animals at the expense of another group female human animals.

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Taraji P. Henson poses nude for PETA's 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' ad campaign

While we think it's a coup that PeTA has recruited models as allies for animal rights, we do not believe it is necessary that PeTA capitulate to the fashion industry's traditionally sexist mores in which women's bodies are continually represented as impossibly perfect objects. Newkirk herself agrees she doesn't meet this criterion, but then conveniently ignores the primary issue: Who created this ad anyway? We believe such imagery causes downwind damage to all women. Newkirk feels that the ad is OK because none of the models were coerced or exploited to do the ads. Newkirk also adds that she as well as men have participated in "naked stunts" similar to the ad.

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rather naked than wear fur
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